< The first steroids cycle for beginners: a full review
The first steroids cycle for beginners: a full review
The first steroids cycle for beginners: a full review

·         Introduction

·         Age

·         Have a well-defined meal plan.

o    Your meal plan must meet your goals.

o    What advantages do I have when I know my daily energy consumption?

o    An example of the resulting diet

·         Possession of the necessary power base for further progress

·         Make sure you have training experience.

·         Planning and Budgeting for Your Course

·         What should your first course consist of

·         Be realistic

·         Frequently asked Questions


So, you conducted your own research and decided that you are ready to take the path of the dark side. However, let me tell you about your degree of readiness, because it may seem illusory. In this article I want to convey as much as possible useful information that is usually forgotten. Much better to take a course and understand everything, rather than read all the information online and wield only theory. So, that’s why I’m here to help you with planning and implementation. Nothing in our life can give a 100% guarantee, but if you follow certain rules and prompts, then the chance of failure is minimal. As they say: informed - it means armed.


In this video you will learn:

  1. How to safely conduct a course of steroids watching a blood test
  2. What is red blood cells (red blood cells)
  3. How steroids affect red blood cell count
  4. How to know that you have too thick blood
  5. Factors leading to elevated hematocrit
  6. What problems are associated with high hematocrit
  7. Answers to frequently asked questions


I will try here to tell only the important and without superfluous, because I am aware that this is the topic about which the person wants the least to listen to. The fact is that the young guys have not yet fully formed. The bones have not yet reached their maximum potential. Steroids are likely to inhibit (or stop) the potential growth in your body that has not yet been completed. You should never assume that you have already "grown up." There is a myth that in 18-19 years a person has already formed. This is an incredibly rare case and the chance that you are exactly one of these “lucky ones” - tends to zero.

To adequately check and find out how much you have formed, you will have to perform the X-rays procedure (bone scan, namely, x-rays). Only in this way can you objectively assess the degree of formation of your bones. In this case, you need to pay attention to your epiphyseal lines (EL) or plates. If your EL has not been developed yet, then you are growing. If you have already developed an EL, then you have reached your growth limit. So, do you think your desire to cushion is worth it to prevent the growth mechanism of your bones? I think no. It is better to add a few more centimeters in the volume of the bones.

The second problem that may arise is the potential damage to your HJP axis and the endocrine system. It is complex, which is quite sensitive to change. It is especially sensitive in young people, all because the body is still stabilizing, developing and growing. Since there are no specific rules in this topic that would tell when to start a course, it is still necessary to be patient until the age of 24 years. Yes, friends, think about the course only in 24 years. I call you. Now stop reading. Think and re-read this sentence or article again!

Have a well-defined meal plan.



Contrary to popular belief, steroids do not build muscle on their own. It would be magic, but we know that this does not happen. Well, if you, of course, do not believe in magic. Consider that steroids are a stereo / mono amplifier for a subwoofer in your home or car. What happens if you install an amplifier to connect a subwoofer, but use a 30 gauge wire to connect it all together? Well, as in the plumbing, it is possible to conduct a sound through the puny wire. But if you connect a 10-gauge wire, then turning on the whole system you will see the BOOM effect.

Your meal plan is the key to your own success. To give your muscles an opportunity to grow, you have to nourish them with something. If you eat right, you will grow. If your diet is bad, the result will be the same. You can prick yourself a liter of pharma, but there will be little sense from this. Everything lies in the diet.

Your meal plan must meet your goals.

First of all, you need to determine Total Daily Energy Consumption (TDEE). This is the number of calories that you burn per day. Determine this caloric in several ways. In general, the most accurate calculation will give a device that is attached to your body and you walk with it for 24 hours. But I believe that you can use a simpler method for calculating TDEE, namely, multiplying your SMM by 15. This will give you an excellent starting point for determining the calorific value per day.

But to determine your SMM, you need to know the percentage of subcutaneous fat. Unfortunately, it is not easy to do using caliper or similar devices located in the gym. Too large error may be in the calculations. At this point, the cards are in your hands, either use X-Ray, or Tanita, or hydro-weighing ... In general, everything where there is a minimum of error and a maximum of accuracy in measurements.

All of these scans will give you information regarding the percentage of subcutaneous fat and SMM. But if you need to determine the SMM yourself, then there are no problems here, you take away% of fat from your total mass and voila - you get the weight of the SMM. For example, a person’s weight is 100 kg a% fat 15. Then we get the following calculation:

    • 100 x 0.15 = 15, so many kilograms of fat is in your body.
    • 100 - 15 = 85, such a number of kilograms is the SMM.



  • 85 x 27 = 2295, this will be your daily calorie intake (estimated TDEE).

Let me remind you that these are approximate calculations and you yourself will have to see if the system works for you or you need to make corrections. It is logical that if you have active work, then your TDEE will be much higher. If sedentary work, then consumption is less. In general, I think you understand.

What advantages do I have when I know my daily energy consumption?

Very simple. If you want to gain weight, then you need to eat so that the caloric surplus is present (that is, higher than your TDEE). If you want to lose weight, then you need a calorie deficit.

Pros you or a beginner, I do not recommend you to increase or decrease the caloric content by more than 500-800 calories. If you do this, you will gain a lot of fat, or, in the case of losing weight, it will negatively affect your health. So, returning to our example, when a person weighs 100 kilograms, he will need 2795 calories (about 3k) for a set of meat. Or 1795 calories for weight loss. And now this caloric content needs to be tied to our proteins, carbohydrates and fats. These macronutrients have the following calories:

  • Squirrels = 4 calories per 1g;
  • Carbohydrates = 4k / 1g;
  • Fat = 9k / 1g.

Contrary to popular belief, that marketers promoted about protein ... protein intake should not be super high. 2-2.5 grams of protein per SMM (!!!) will be more than enough. So our 100 kilogram rolling (at 15% fat) will require only 170-210 grams of protein (averaging up to 190 g / b).

If he is gaining myasko, then: multiply protein by 4 (calories) = 760 calories. Do not forget that he is gaining, and for a set he needs 2795 calories. We take away the calories of protein from the total calories and get 2035 calories. This calorie content will be divided between carbohydrates and fats. Speaking of fats, I always stop at 100 grams of fat, or rather 75 or a little less. That is, 100 grams is the ceiling. So if a person decides to eat 75 grams of fat, it will be 675 calories from fat.

As a result, we get 760 calories from protein + 675 calories from fat = 1,435 calories in total. Now we take away the total calories from this and get 1360 calories. And all this caloric for carbohydrates. We remember thatcarbohydratehas 4 calories (that is, 1g = 4k). Divide the remaining calories by 4 and get 340 grams of carbohydrates.

An example of the resulting diet

  • 190 grams of protein (760 calories);
  • 340 grams of carbohydrates (1360 calories);
  • 75 grams of fat (675 calories).

Yes, of course, this is just an example and you will probably have to adjust your nutrition for the BEST result, depending on your goals. Do not just go to extremes, a lot of things will not be useful for the body. In the same way, you can calculate calorie content if your goal is to lose weight (lower calorie content by 500 from the base exchange and calculate).

The simplest conclusion: eat more than the daily norm - gain weight. Eat less than the daily norm - lose weight. Everything depends on your calorie content, you can lose weight on not very good food, but then the question is about the health benefits. Although this is a question of another article. That's the whole story. If you want to eat more, well, then do more cardio.


Possession of the necessary power base for further progress



This is another mistake that beginners make. Your body is like a home. If he has a weak foundation and resistance, then when a strong wind blows, there will be nothing left of your house. To start you need to prepare before you start to progress in the power direction, so that your body can cope with the pressure on it. Otherwise, there is a high probability of injury, for example, shoulder, tendons and ligaments.Connective tissue does not develop as fast as your muscles.

There are 2 physical characteristics that should be considered before you sit on the first course:

  1. The proportion of your weight to height (how tall you are);
  2. % body fat in your body.

The ratio of body weight and height - this is what determines a safer course that will prevent (or reduce the likelihood) of injury. This will help you understand how you can become strong and how you should train. It is clear that this information is not truly carved in stone, but not to take it into account is to take a step backwards on the path to your success. With a height of 6 feet and a weight of 150 pounds in the farm will be little sense. What I personally believe in is the proportion of your body weight to its height.

  • 5'3 "to 5'5" - 155 to 165 pounds
  • 5'6 "to 5'7" - 165 to 175 pounds
  • 5'8 "to 5'9" - from 175 to 180 pounds
  • 5'10 to 5'11 "- from 180 to 185 pounds
  • 6'0 "to 6'1" - from 185 to 195 pounds
  • 6'2 "to 6'3" - from 195 to 205 pounds
  • 6'4 "to 6'5" - from 210 to 220 pounds

The bigger, the better. But, in general, this is not the best idea. You can safely and safely run with less weight, but the lower the weight, the higher the chances of getting injured. I am aware that many competing athletes become less than these numbers, which are indicated above, but we are talking about straights who compete and it is in your best interest to compete further in real.

If you start a course when you are still thin / small or you have a weak foundation, a lot of things can go wrong. Regardless of your diet, you will progress in strength. Especially those who are smaller, their gains in power can be astronomical. Not so much time passes, and you already press 35 kilogram dumbbells. This is because your endurance has increased at the moment, but most of the other components of your body are not yet ready for this. It is at such moments that some feel or hear a non-characteristic click in the shoulder or elbow. So, once again, make sure that you have a foundation for further growth. If you are stubborn and will run in any scenario, then you need to move away from the notion of how to progress in superweights, even if you feel at the moment like a champion.

And, finally, another option, when you decided to curse because of the plateau you reached (progress stopped). This is the biggest and most classic mistake. I would advise you to return to the second rule, I mean nutrition. Do not try to start a diet and immediately take the pharmacology. To begin, you need to be 100% sure that the food suits you and it works for you, and after you have decided on food and squeezed all the benefits of doing such a diet in nature, that's when you need to think about AAS . BUT NOT EARLIER.

What I told you earlier: eat more than the daily norm - gain weight. Eat less than the daily norm - lose weight.

The percentage of your subcutaneous fat is a very important factor before the start of the course (anyone). In principle, you can run in a fairly wide range of the percentage of subcutaneous fat. However, there are a number of nuances that you need to understand before pushing the needle into yourself. I said before that steroids are not magic. And asking the questions “which drugs will make me dry and prominent?” Is the highest idiocy. This will be the first step to frustration. Here's what you need to consider when it comes to% fat:

  1. Safety and side effects;
  2. Result in mirror reflection.

The side effects when you quit with a high amount of fat are pretty significant. Here are some of them that may occur during your course with a high% of body fat:

  • increased conversion testosterone at estrogen (successes in the management of estrogen);
  • the level of water retention increases (do you think that you are bloated now? No matter how wrong!)
  • magnified blood pressure;
  • risk of thromboembolic problems (blood clots);
  • pulmonary embolism (blocking the pulmonary artery);
  • high risk of prostate cancer;
  • steroid-induced fatty liver disease;
  • death of two hundred kittens (you are a soulless bastard !!!).

Some of the side effects may seem rather dangerous to you, but the degree of their probability directly depends on the amount of subcutaneous fat, the greater it is, the greater the risk of these problems. High Level Symptomsestrogen quite simple and basic for example gynecomastia. The more fat in you, the more flavoring enzymes in you are. This is a common science.Blood pressureis an inevitable moment, what can we say about him, when a person also wears such amount of fat. Do not be the guy who says: "That, it will never happen to me." Be responsible.

Well, you seem to be cruising to look good in a mirror (and not only), right? Well, the course during a large percentage of body fat will not show you anything in the mirror. Nothing good. If you have heard that Winstrol, Anavar or Trenbolone are those steroids that will make you relief and dry, then ... a big surprise awaits you.